Hexa Renewables has extensive experience in setting up solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and other Asia-Pacific countries, and is currently led by the United States infrastructure investment fund, 100% owned and established a Taiwanese company, a global leader in clean energy investment, mainly invested in renewable energy, utilities and transportation infrastructure. At present, more than 9GW of clean energy facilities have been invested in clean energy facilities worldwide. It is expected to develop 1GW of renewable energy in Taiwan and invest more than NT$50 billion.

With global climate change, energy conservation and carbon reduction thinking have become the focus of sustainable development and Taiwan’s policy goals. In the development of sustainable energy utilization, solar photovoltaics is one of the main types of energy for development because of its high stability, low risk, and Taiwan’s climate is suitable for the development of solar energy. For water-surface solar photovoltaics, the development results of Hexa Renewables are as follows.

  • Changhua Coastal Industrial Park  (about 94MW)