Hexa Renewables, funded by a U.S.-based fund. The fund focuses on global infrastructure investments. The fund is a global leader in renewable energy investment, investing primarily in infrastructure such as energy, utilities and transportation. At present, more than 9GW of clean energy facilities have been invested in clean energy facilities worldwide. It is expected to develop 1GW in Taiwan and invest more than NT$50 billion.

According to Taiwan’s policy target of 20% renewable energy in 2025, of which the target installation capacity of onshore wind power by 2025 is 1,200MW, because Taiwan is located at the junction of the mainland plate and the ocean, the wind energy reserves are quite abundant, and Taiwan has great wind power potential.

The development results of Hexa Renewables are as follows.

  •  Changhua Fangyuan onshore wind power generation (about 36MW)