In addition to extensive experience in setting up solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, and has been installed in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and other Asia-Pacific countries, Hexa Renewables has confirmed that it will develop at least 500MW of solar photovoltaic in Taiwan and continue to work hard to develop it.

Taiwan wants to achieve the energy policy target of 20GW of solar photovoltaics in 2025. Because fishery and electricity symbiosis is a low-density development project, it also meets the core value of “agriculture and fishery-oriented, green power added value”. Therefore, ground-based solar photovoltaics will be developed with multiple composite utilization of land such as fishery and electricity symbiosis as the main axis. Fishery and electricity symbiosis is also the main development type of Hexa Renewables, focusing on combining with the original local aquaculture, trying to maintain the original breeding environment, and through good communication with local fishermen, so as to drive the upgrading of fisheries, create local employment economy, optimize the breeding technology environment, sustainable land development and utilization, and achieve the vision of symbiosis and co-prosperity of fishery and green energy. The development results of Hexa Renewables are as follows.

  • Yunlin County (about 200MW)
  • Other areas (total 300MW)